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Retro Family Road Trip Games…No Electricity Required

It may seem hard to believe but back before the Dawn of Digital, parents kept their kids entertained on long drives to Disney, Yellowstone, Ocean City, and Sesame Place without the assistance of built-in DVD players, cell phones, iPads, video game consoles, and the like. Impossible, you say?

It’s not only possible (after all, our parents and their parents managed well enough), but we highly encourage it as a way to unplug from the constant electronic stimulation in our lives and engage with loved ones.

Why not use your vacation trek as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family – instead of as isolated icebergs who just happen to all be sharing a vehicle?

Here are 10 ideas to keep your kids occupied en route to your destination – no electricity required.


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Date Posted: July 10, 2017