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Protect Your Pet: Avoid the Perils of a Hot Car

We all know our cars can heat up something terrible in the summer months, but it might shock you to learn just how quickly a parked car’s internal temperature can skyrocket to hazardous levels.

You may think that it’s safe to run into the grocery store for just couple minutes, leaving your pet poodle Roxy in the backseat with the windows cracked, but think again. A few minutes in a hot parked car can spell peril and even death for your beloved pet.

This Vet Simulates Conditions for Dogs in Hot Cars

In 2012, veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward, posted a video on YouTube personally testing how quickly a parked car heats up on a typical summer day. Within 30 minutes, his car shot up from an already sultry 95 degrees to a dangerous 115 degrees. Though all four windows were cracked an inch and the outside breeze shook the trees around him, the air inside remained still.


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Date Posted: June 26, 2017