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Hoffman Porsche

2017 Porsche Panamera Photo Gallery

“The status quo dies hard. After all, it has one of the most powerful forces on the planet as its ally. Fear. Enemy of change, stealer of ambition, fear is the champion of the half-measure, the checked swing, the almost there. It softens the hard stance, rounds the sharp edge, and dulls the shine of a new idea. … sixty-seven years ago, [Porsche] decided we wouldn’t fear what the world had to say about cars … we would simply make the cars we wanted.”

The accompanying theme for the launch of the masterfully redesigned Porsche Panamera is Courage Changes Everything. Porsche is always on the cutting edge and you will be quick to agree that the new body style and enhanced features raise the bar, yet again. Why compromise when Porsche believes the road is meant for a spine-tingling and breathtaking experience?

Guests at the Hoffman Porsche Panamera launch were among the first to see this stunning work of automotive art before they are available to become part of your collection. Below are some photos from the evening and stay tuned as we put the finishing touches on a video showcasing the high-energy and luxurious festivities. Thanks to Mike Musto and Ronnie Champagne our video masterminds who will wow you with the footage they captured. A very special thank you to Powerstation Events for making the event creative, eye-catching and seamless as always. Also we are grateful to the professional team from Ideal Tavern who provided delicious food and a signature Panamera cocktail made with liquid nitrogen. This truly was an event to remember!


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Date Posted: March 10, 2017