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Hoffman Porsche Ratings and Reviews

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MIke | CT | 2016-01-07

"I took my privately purchased 4C to Hoffman for a full checkup, The way my Porsche and I were treated, you would have thought I purchased the car from Hoffman! Ethan and Lou, as well as the entire Hoffman team are an asset to the Porsche name. Thanks"

Dean Jorgensen | CT | 2016-01-07

"A note of genuine appreciation to Ethan and Brian in your service department. I turned up without an appointment with a question about my 2000 Boxster S. They immediately pulled the CEL codes, got under the car, and set about to try to figure out what the problem was with my engine idle, including troubleshooting all of the obvious possibilities. As it turned out, there were too many codes to allow a definitive diagnosis but they insisted I return as soon as I got another CEL. Sixteen miles later that's exactly what happened. Again, Brian pulled the code and this time, armed with my more detailed description of the symptoms, pointed me to a rare but probable potential cause: a bad IAC motor inside the throttle body. Knowing that I was getting ready to put the car away for the winter, they invited me to call again in the spring so they could do a thorough diagnosis and repair. In the meantime, no charge. Now that's service."

- Dean Jorgensen

Derrick Capers | CT | 2016-01-07

"I just had my 4S 911 serviced at Hoffman, I must share with all the professionalism & manner in which I was treated was beyond compare! I live in Springfield, Ma and I look forward to conversing with Ethan & Lou, two outstanding individuals who should be cloned! Always the work preformed on my car, makes me feel like it's brand-new each time I leave after the work has been preformed! Thank You Hoffman Porsche! SFC Capers(RET.) USA Still Serving!"

Rich E. | CT | 2016-01-07

"I am not yet a customer and I am already incredibly impressed. I spoke with Ethan who helped guide me in my efforts to purchase a pre-owned Porsche. His insight, helpfulness and willingness to spend time with me is among the highest level of service I have ever encountered--from any luxury vehicle dealer."

Brian Warren | CT | 2016-01-07

"Just bought a Cadilac Escalade Platinum through Edward, most knowledgable, friendly, honest car salesman I've ever met. He understood my needs as a family man and everything else. This vehical is a perfact fit at the right price, every where I go I get compliments on it and it fits my family needs win win. Got a great warenty and will definatly be a repeat costumer, can't say enough about the Hoffman dealership, Edward Hahn and the whole experience thank you!"

Robert G. | CT | 2016-01-07

"I was out of town, here in CT for an event over the weekend when my 2008 Cayenne S threw a check engine light. Fortunately, the folks at Hoffman Porsche made quick work of the problem (failed plug coil) and got me back on the road, on a Saturday morning. Thanks Ethan!"


Aaron | CT | 2016-01-07

"I wanted to write in about the recent experience I had purchasing my first Porsche at your dealership. Let me first say the entire experience was a great one! From the moment I entered the lot I was impressed by the high level of customer service; low pressure, yet very attentive and accommodating. My salesperson, Rick Nanni, was no different. I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge of the product and his patience; I ask a lot of questions! Needless to say after an amazing test drive I purchased my first 911. Also needless to say, it won't be my last! And Hoffman and Rick will be my first call when that time comes."


Kim Waldron | CT | 2016-02-29

"Karl W. was so welcoming and helpful. The best customer service we've ever had because of Karl's attentiveness."


Tavis Tindall | CT | 2016-02-29

"I cannot rave enough about what a quality organization that Hoffman Porsche is. My salesperson Aaron Tinnell completely changed my view of car sales people. I previously had a very negative view from many bad prior experiences. Aaron changed all of that with his professionalism and skill with which he goes about his job. He knows his product expertly; is not pushy; is honest; and is incredibly patient. He makes sure he finds the car that is best for you. Usually buying a car is torturous experience, and something your dread at all costs, due to the pushy and dishonest sales people. Aaron and Josh the manager made this a very painless and fun experience for me. Most of all, they were up front and honest with me throughout. Jackie Smith the business manager, who processed all of the paperwork was amazing too. She is very knowledgeable and professional, and she went about her job with enthusiasm and the ability to make the customer feel appreciated, rather than just another number she processes. I have leased and purchased many cars through the years from Lexus, Infinity, BMW, and others, I can honestly say the experience I had at Hoffman Porsche, far exceeded any of my prior car sales encounters by a landslide. I will refer all my contacts, family and friends to Aaron and his team gladly and without any hesitation, knowing that Hoffman Porsche will take care of them."

Demetra Eleftheriou | CT | 2016-02-29

"I usually don't write reviews but I want people to know what an awesome salesman I had and what a fantastic dealership I stumbled upon! Purchasing my dream car was such a stress-free and enjoyable experience thanks to my salesman, Aaron Tinnell. Hoffman Porsche is so very lucky to have Aaron on their team. What an absolute pleasure it was to work with him! As soon as I walked through the door I was made to feel so welcome. Aaron's professionalism, extensive product knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm for these automotive works of art left such a lasting impression on me. Aaron guided me through the process of choosing all of my accessories and made sure I got exactly what I wanted. I am extremely happy with the finished product and I plan on staying a loyal customer for life. In fact, I'd like to add a new Porsche Boxster to my collection next year and I'm going right back to see Aaron! If you're ready to drive the car of your dreams, then look no further. Go straight to Hoffman Porsche and make sure to ask for Aaron Tinnell!"

Christopher Gemino | CT | 2016-02-29

"I visited the Porsche store and met with Ric Nanni who was the most knowledgable person I've met. I'll be buying all my Porsche's from him from now on. Want a real enthusiast who knows Porsche today as well as the ones back in the day he's your guy. C.G"

Daniel Hovey | CT | 2016-02-29

I don't usually write reviews, but when you have an experience as good as I is only appropriate to share. I went into Hoffman Porsche and met with Edward Hahn. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left he was a consummate professional. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. I will never use another another dealership for any of the makes and models I purchase in the future. Edward has absolutely sold the Hoffman brand and is a great representative of the company. He will have my business in the future. Thanks Hoffman's for hiring such a talented employee and giving me such a great experience.

Rick Alfano | CT | 2016-02-29

I will say I do not normally write reviews, but the experience of Hoffman Porsche and their employees was well above and beyond what I expected, Ethan and Lou of service are as top notch as it gets! They took me in with extremely short notice and everything went smoothly and on time. Robert in parts was extremely helpful in what I needed and answering all my questions. I've bought four cars at another dealership in Connecticut and accepted the substandard service as normal, never again!

Clint | CT | 2016-02-29

Just closed a deal with Karl. He was very professional and accommodating to work with. Every request I had was fulfilled and communication was very timely and specified to my requests. I am very pleased with the level of service that I received from Karl during the process. Would recommend to others, Karl is passionate about what he does and it shows.

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